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Wishing Well

One of my favourite parts of  creating jewellery comes from quenching hot metal and seeing the colours appear. The moment itself is ephemeral, much like our or an object’s lifespan is in comparison to the the entirety of the universe, and is quite beautiful in its existence. The oxidization process is essentially aging the surfaces at an accelerated rate, which we then try to prevent change by adding a layer of wax. I am intrigued by our inclination to preserve things we associate with beauty- whether it be in regards to aesthetics or the positive emotions we endure, by means of tangibility. 

This piece itself is meant to eternalize and invoke that same sense of wonder, awe, and appreciation that I experience when I see the unpredicted patterns and colours appear when I submerge the metal into water- a moment beautiful due to the nature of the material, and emotions it invokes by remaining true itself.

Media: cast iron, copper, resin

Dimensions: 10 in diameter, 3 in tall

Date: October 2019