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Walking Stick

Walking Stick


As a child, my friends and I spent our days bike riding, playing hide and go seek tag, and climbing trees.  I revisited our favourite spot 6 years later to find overgrown grass, garbage, one of the two trees missing and the remaining dead. Feeling nostalgic and a sense of disheartenment, I wanted to salvage a branch from the tree that we used to climb.

Considering a walking stick, the first associations that came to my mind revolved around age, wisdom, and connectivity (in regards to memory, nature, relationships, etc.). As we grow older, we strive for happiness, but often neglect to participate in the simple things which bring us happiness- such as climbing a tree or riding a bike.  After stripping bark off of this branch, I carved sections that resembled the tread on bike tires to pay tribute to what helped me travel as a child and brought  me many adventures, laughter, and friendships. The pieces of cloth attached were taken from a purse I used when I was younger to reiterate the idea of a carrying aid- in this case, a tangible object for memories and happiness. A walking stick, being an object which literally aids one on their physical route, can be seen as a metaphor in this work for helping one to carry a childlike spirit as they age.

Media: Wood, Cloth
Date: October 2015-January 2016 
Dimensions: 79 in (6’7″), circumference: 2-3 in