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Sugar Spoons


I’ve always loved unique spoons and am particular about which spoons I use to eat specific foods. I believe that the utensil plays a big role in the experience of a meal- both in regards to its functionality which influences the physical intake of food, as well as the utensils’ aesthetics which contribute to the overall atmosphere and experience. With all of the spoons I make, I want them to spark joy, whimsy, and curiosity. Each of these are hand-forged with their forms/sizes inspired by their handles.

Date: February 2022- Ongoing

Dimensions: ranging from 3-8 inches in length

Please click on images to see full size/open gallery in which you can navigate.

Squiggle Spoon

Media: Brass, Turquoise
Date: 2023

Whimsical Spoon

Media: Silver, Green Agate
Date: 2022

Coral Spoon

Media: Silver, Found Coral
Date: 2022

Miscellaneous Spoons

Media: silver, driftwood, seashell, rock
Date: 2023

Ice Cream Spoon

Length and weight inspired by my mother’s ice cream spoons from when I was a child
Media: Silver, Amethyst
Date: 2022

Selenite Double Spoon

Media: Brass, Selenite
Date: 2023

Driftwood and Twig Spoon

Handle made from casted branch
Media: Silver, Found Driftwood
Date: 2023