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Sculptural Ring

Statement: I bought a jar of antique marbles when I was about ten years old and was fascinated by their light weight and speckled colours. I always imagined them as popping up and floating in space, and when I came across them recently, wanted to emulate through an object that could be both sculptural and wearable. I created it so that the marbles seem to be sprouting out from a rock partly due to their similar aesthetics, but also to emulate the idea of wonder and play- much like skipping stones or playing marbles as a child. I chose to make it in the form of a ring so that the wearer could feel the objects on their hands since these activities/games are done with hands, and so that the marbles would appear to be popping out of nowhere as they sit on the wearer’s finger.

Media: antique clay marbles, found stone, copper wire

Date: Feb 2021