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Photography/Digital Collage

Photography- Live Documentations

Documentation of Hrista Stefanova’s project Nižalka

Documentation of Hrista Stefanova’s project Printing Fire

Miscellaneous Photos

Nostalgia: Happy Accidents
This series uses photographs I had taken prior to collecting various paintings saved from the Met’s public domain. Similar to the ways we long to relive moments by merging and reimagining our preexisting memories, these collages came to creation by skimming through hundreds of photographs and paintings to find ones that serendipitously fit together through aesthetics to create a sense of nostalgia.


This series combines some of the many pictures I have taken over the years which have never been used, are not deemed significant, yet remain undeleted from my devices. Much like the hoarded images in our camera rolls, we try to hold onto our memories. As one’s past bleeds together, it causes one to perceive these reinvented memories as our true experiences, despite them not being of the original reality which was lived. These collages emphasize the fragments of imagery flowing together in a jarring yet harmonious way, just as our memories merge. 

Miscellaneous Collage