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Mushroom Necklaces

Statement: This series was developed with the intention to bring awareness to the preciousness and beauty of nature by altering its preconceived functions through body adornment. By creating with found mushrooms and driftwood I found along my walks in Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada- a park which contains pathways, a forest, and small beaches, I am taking what may normally be overlooked and paying tribute to their inherent beauty on an aesthetic and metaphorical level. While there is visual cohesion amongst these natural objects, there is also a relationship of interdependence within all elements of nature- including us. By combining objects from the forest, the sea, and introducing my hand to manipulate them, the notion of these necklaces existing would not be possible without each entity. My hope with these pieces is to create relics of appreciation for the beauty of these mushrooms, the processes of nature and creating, and to bring their wearers closer to nature despite what environment they are in.

Media: Found bracket mushrooms, driftwood, unknown object

Dates: 2021-2023