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Junk Drawer

StatementThroughout my whole life, I have been a collector of miscellaneous objects. I remember as a child constantly scavenging through my mother’s and Nonna’s drawers, fascinated by all of their jewelry and buttons, as well as the houses’ universal junk drawers consisting of broken pieces of plates, discarded batteries, keys, spare change, etc. 

Much like a junk drawer, this piece consists of objects collected throughout the years. I wanted to recreate a sense of the same curiosity I feel when I discover these items, as well as the delightful revelation of finding visual similarities amongst them as they exemplify their connections to one another.

Dimensions: 9.5 x 2.8 x 14 in

Date: February 2016

Media: (including but not limited to): lightbulbs, marbles, door knobs, drawer handles, buttons, seashells, coral, spoons, beads, moth balls, misc. pieces of metal, pennies, wooden box, hot glue, stain