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Copper Etch Pin

Statement: The processes of copper etching in which the surface is eaten away at with a chemical is similar to the way unaddressed stress eats away at our bodies. While stress can have negative effects, it is something crucial for our survival, and when worked through properly, is something that helps us to advance. This brooch originated from a drawing I did while stressed as a method of catharsis for pent up energy, and contained intentional stress on the material throughout the whole creation process. The main section, produced with etching, in which a resist is placed and the exposed material is eaten away at, the surrounding pieces, using silver reticulation, in which the centre of the metal becomes liquid and the top surface is pulled into itself, bending of wire to create tension which frames the work, an intentional piercing in the middle section to show both the breakthrough of stress and damage it can cause, and the re-scribing of the original drawing. With the idea of transmutation of stress into something positive and love, there are also domed circular pieces with etched drawings I did while feeling gratitude- one which is on the backside of the piece where the pinback is located to recreate the intention of choosing love when the wearer puts this brooch on (possibly on their leftside over their heart). The stones included in this piece are Opalite- a manmade stone in which glass/resin is compressed to reference back to the idea of stress being a positive thing when leveraged correctly.

Media: copper, silver, opalite, nickel pin back

Date: 2022