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Assemblage Necklace no. 1

Statement: This is my first attempt of making my assemblage work wearable. I organized these objects while in a flow state, and once I had a rough idea of the overall shape, sawed out, bent, and added a liver of sulphur patina with a heat treatment to a textured sheet of copper that used to hang above my Nonna’s fireplace. I then took resin mixed with concrete dust to use as the base for the objects to sit in after it cured.

Dimensions: 5 in x 1/2 in x 4 in, Sits at torso
Weight: 147 grams 

Media: hemp cord, copper sheet scrap, copper wire, LOS patina, grape agate, raw ruby, silver granules, ancient bronze granules, resin, concrete dust, Found Objects: dried mushrooms, lichen, moss, elderberry, scrap metal, sea tiles, sea urchin shells, cork

Date: Feb 2021