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Stumbled Upon Sculptures



If you were brought here by a QR code:

Welcome! I am assuming you found one of the sculptures I created. Please keep it, change its location, leave it, take a photo- whatever resonates with you. I firmly believe that we are always where we are meant to be (whether that be in a physical space, where we are in life, emotionally/mentally, etc.), and if you stumbled upon one of these works, it’s because you were meant to. I created all of these pieces with the intent that they act as a gateway to help those who find them connect to themselves, their environment, and with others by hopefully invoking a sense of appreciation, joy, curiosity, and platform to get into contact with others.

On this site page, you will find photos of the other pieces in the series, a project description, and the link to the Facebook page where you can upload photos, comment, or share your experience if you wish to. You may also use the hashtag #stumbleduponsculptures on Instagram and Tik Tok! I would love to hear your thoughts, find out where these pieces end up, and how they impacted you

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Project Description:

Stumbled Upon Sculptures is an ongoing series of small sculptures (currently 33) created using found objects, scrap metals, and material tests that I have collected and saved over the years. I have always had a deep appreciation for organic objects- I believe that each of their unique essences and materiality embodies and contains evidence of the beauty, harmony, and interconnectivity that is within our universe.

When I collect objects, I never seek them out with intent, but rather happen to cross paths with them unexpectedly throughout my daily existence. I placed these sculptures in areas I frequently walk through (downtown Halifax, the waterfront, and Point Pleasant Park), and in spaces in which, contextually are seemingly out of place, but make sense through shared aesthetics and energies. By putting these pieces in spots where they are both hidden yet obtrusive, those who find them will be taken by surprise, and hopefully filled with feelings of joy, curiosity, and appreciation for not only the object, but the experience.

Much like the objects and materials used, the sculptural works within this series individually exist, while remaining a part of a larger body of work, and are all codependent on their counterparts, environments, and interactions. By spreading into the world and travelling through the interactions of others both in the physical and digital realms, the synergistic ways in which we operate as individuals and as a collective amongst ourselves and environments, whether we are consciously or unknowingly engaged, is resembled.