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Line of Flow


Line of Flow is a piece created within and surrounding ideas of the flow state, and inspired by the notions of images and objects. The gateway to this project began with large-scale automatic drawings, in which I released the inclination to create aesthetically-pleasing artworks by surrendering control to my body and drawing medium. By being fully-immersed in each moment of the process through physical engagement rather than being concerned with the outcome, the direction, weight, and fluidity of the line-work was determined by the motion of my body and handling of charcoal, which was dictated by intuition and presence.

These preliminary works were produced as a method to repetitively enter the flow-state, as well as to act as substructures to inspire the fabrication of a three-dimensional object. In attempts to honour both the visual similarities and energy within these drawings, steel pencil rod was chosen, as its surface colour, texture, and thickness resembled the quality of charcoal lines drawn, as well as its durable yet finicky materiality which requires those who work with it to create consciously and intuitively. The translation of these images into an object through the concentration of a single line both on paper and in a three-dimensional space was created through physical movements that were mirrored in both creation processes (such as the pulling and pushing to make bends in the wire, parallel to the dragging and pushing of charcoal to make curved lines on the page) all completed while in a state of flow.

Stemming from the ground and floating above eye level not only resembles the heights in which I completed these drawings, but implies that this line/state of being extends beyond what we physically see. Through the navigation around this piece, the viewer can get lost within the work dictated through physical movement, which will hopefully invoke the same sense of presence, wonder, appreciation, and peace I had while creating and engaging with this Line of Flow.

Media: Steel Pencil Rod


Date: September-November 2021