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I am an interdisciplinary artist whose main interests lie within the realms of sculpture of jewelry. My work allows me to explore concepts surrounding the interconnectivity, abundance, and beauty within our universe by creating pieces that honour the integrity of the materials I am using. Of the pieces I use natural/found objects in, my processes of creating prompts a flow state. This meditative mode is composed of fate-filled and serendipitous moments in which I react to and work with materials in a way which often leads to a final piece that I can never fully anticipate. 

My current work is taking a bit of a new direction in which I am drawing inspiration from the interconnectivity within the physical body and mind through both scientific and spiritual lenses.

I am currently pursuing my BFA in Fine Arts with a focus in Sculpture, Minor in Art History, and Minor in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing at NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia while on the Professor David B. Smith’s Creative Innovators of Tomorrow Award scholarship.

Please see my CV for more info on recent/upcoming events, awards, collectives, etc.